Personal workflow jobs spilled into my org's queue


Dear CircleCI community,

I’d like to report a bug. This evening, I pushed a (somewhat crazy) CircleCI workflow with many jobs to one of my personal forks:

It successfully triggered 291 jobs on CircleCI, under my username jankeromnes:

However, I work at Mozilla, and it seems that my personal CircleCI usage may somehow be tangled to Mozilla’s company account:

(EDIT: Please see the next post for this screenshot.)

Pretty soon after I triggered all my jobs, a colleague from Mozilla told me that my many personal jobs were clogging Mozilla’s CircleCI queue. Here is a screenshot to prove it:

That was very surprising to me, and it looks like a CircleCI bug, although I don’t fully understand how CircleCI handles the queues of different orgs / projects.

I quickly canceled all my jobs, in order not to cause any disruption to Mozilla’s CircleCI users. Is there a way to re-trigger my many jobs, but make sure that they’ll only clog my personal free-tier CircleCI queue?



For some reason I’m only allowed to post one image per post. Here is the other image that was removed above.

(In fact, it seems that I have inadvertantly granted CircleCI access to all my orgs, even though this wasn’t my intention. Can I revoke these authorizations? Or maybe all these orgs need to explicitly block GitHub Apps, like mozilla-releng seems to be doing?)


Ah, actually this may be why:

And my personal workflow does live inside a Mozilla project fork… (I think it was @mleibovic who said one day that when you work at Mozilla, your personal side projects are actually just other Mozilla projects.)

Is there a way to opt out of the piggiebacking for certain workflows? Or should I move my workflow to a repository that’s not a Mozilla project fork?


We do not have a way now to control this at that level. Your idea to move the code out of the fork is your best bet for now. We are looking into different ways to dole out resources to projects for the future…

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