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I have a private personal GitHub repo and I set up workflows for it in CircleCI. I gave access to this repo to my friend so we can both work on the project, but they can’t access it on CircleCI.
I found one way of fixing it is to setup a GitHub organization for that, but I don’t want to setup an org every time I wanna share a repo with someone.

Am I missing something? Thanks in advance.

Can you clarify what you mean by “gave access”. Did you make them a collaborator in GitHub?

Yes, I made them a collaborator.

Any updates on that? I’m in a similar situation. I have access to multiple organisations on my GitHub account, and created a personal private repo with one collaborator. I want that collaborator to setup CircleCI integration for me, but he doesn’t see it.

Hi @tjomk . I think you have to add the repo to CircleCI yourself, then they should be able to see it.

We do check for collaborators, so this should work. Can you open a ticket if it doesn’t?

Hi @ArsenyYankovsky. Sorry that this got lost. Did it get resolved? If it’s still not working, can I ask you to open a ticket so we can dig deeper?

I resolved it by creating a GitHub organization. I have no private repos at the moment and no desire to create and setup new ones to test it.

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