How to create a CircleCI project for a private repo that isn't mine (but I was invited to collaborate on)

I was invited to collaborate in a private repo owned by someone else. He doesn’t contribute code. He is the PM, you could say, and is not able to setup CircleCI or anything like that. It’s just a private repo, not an organization. Is there any way I can get to this repo from CircleCI, so I can create a CircleCI project for it?

Are you able to fork it? You could set up CI on your own fork, and then raise a PR for the repo owner to merge in.

Alternatively can he invite you to an organisation that contains this repo? That might be enough to get CircleCI to offer the repo in the UI.

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Thanks halfer.

Yeah I can fork it. That is probably useful for me to figure out what’s involved getting this project building under CircleCI, but not really the long term plan.

I think you’re right that the solution is that he needs to make an organization. I will probably have to coach him. I was hoping to avoid that bit.

He could also make you an admin on the repo, in which case the problem goes away - does he trust you well enough to do that, and do you want to carry the risk of having this level of admin responsibility? I didn’t mention it last time, since not every project admin wishes to give such wide permissions.

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