Building open source projects without access to the repo


I used CircleCI in my previous job and I really loved the experience so I decided to give it a try in own company as well now. However, the problem is that I want to build public GitHub repositories upon new releases (therefore I want to use hooks) - and it’s not my repository so I can’t grant CircleCI permissions to it.
So, in other words, there’s a public repository like this one which I need to build on every release with custom compiler arguments and this repository doesn’t belong to an organization I own.
Is it something like this doable with CircleCI? I played around the UI to find an option for setting up such a project but with no luck. Thanks a lot for any hints!

CircleCI’s direct integration with a repository is based on your ownership of that repository, so this integration is not an option.

So you will need to find a tool or write a script that can synchronize your repo with changes that have been made on the original repo. Once such a sync takes place your repo will be able to fire the hooks needed to drive CircleCI.

One thing that CircleCI does have that may help is its ability to run jobs based on a Trigger so you could do such a sync daily by just using the resources available in the free plan.

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Ok, thanks a lot, that’s helpful!