GitHub check reported as Queued, working fine on CircleCI

GitHub Checks are stuck in the “Queued” state:

These jobs are indeed running on CircleCI and are stuck in “Queued” on GitHub regardless of success or failure. While CircleCI shows up on the Checks tab of a Pull Request, it does not show up as one of the checks performed above the “Merge Pull Request button”. CircleCI is not listed as a required status check.

I am unsure of how to resolve the issue :thinking:

This is also happening on multiple repositories, though there’s no discernable pattern as to which ones it applies to others as other repositories are working just fine.

I just realized I didn’t provide a repository name for Circle support staff. I’d be happy to email/private message the name of the repository once this gets some eyes on it!

This appears to be the same issue, though no response: Github workflow status not reporting