Github PR checks are getting stuck on "Pending — Your tests are queued"

This has started in the last couple of hours or so - the jobs are being correctly triggered on CircleCI, and are running to completion successfully, but their status never gets updated on Github. We haven’t changed our config recently, so I think it must be a problem with CircleCI or Github. It’s a particularly serious issue for us as some of these checks have to be reported as passing for us to merge.

Hi @richardt-emitwise, can you send links to the jobs for which you are seeing this to please?

I’ve sent you an email. After some further investigation, it appears one of our other repositories is fine. Will try another one and see if it’s also broken.

I sent an email, this is also affecting us.

Thanks, we’ve rolled back a change that we think caused this. Please let me know if anyone is still seeing this throughout the remainder of the day.

For context, we’re introducing some changes to the underlying systems that handle these notifications to reduce the occurrences of workflows failing to send a notification to the VCS that a workflow has terminated. We’re investigating why this change seemingly exacerbated the situation a bit.

Do we need to take any action for PRs that are in this state? If not how long will it take for them to get a status reported?

Unfortunately I am still seeing the same issue, both when re-running existing PRs and opening new ones, but only against that single repository.

For workflows with blocked jobs, you’ll need to re-run the upstream jobs.

@richardt-emitwise we just made one more change that we think will truly fix this issue for new pipelines. Can you let me know if you’re still seeing this?

Everything seems to be working again now, thanks for the speedy resolution!

Excellent, glad to hear it. Again, apologies for the disruption. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you see other issues pop up.

we also have this issue, when push code to github, circleci just tell us Some checks haven’t completed yet, and then merge blocked due to this reason.

@sebastian-lerner the process will go on after click the approve button or just finish that holding job based on that notification.

@PhilipFQiang is this a new issue or has this been happening intermittently for awhile?

it’s a new issue, here is my definition. or is there something i need to optimize?

version: 2.1
  slack: circleci/slack@3.4.2

      - image: xxxxxxxx/circleci:latest
    executor: circleci
      - run:
          name: Build Docker Image
          command: |
            set -x
            echo "this is for test."

      - approve-build-image:
          type: approval
                - /.*/
                - /.*/
      - build-xxxx-image:
            - approve-build-image
          context: kubernetes
                - /.*/
                - /.*/

@sebastian-lerner even i trigger the pipeline that works few weeks ago, same issue happened, always show “Pending — Your job is on hold on CircleCI!”, then got stuck on that circleci check process(circleci intergration with github).
many thanks for you patient reply.

@PhilipFQiang can you send a job URL where you’re seeing this? Either in this thread or to sebastian @

@sebastian-lerner many thanks, email on the way subject: “The github status check got stuck when introducing CircleCI integration”

Thanks @PhilipFQiang. Has the config.yml file changed recently? When you add this particular line to your config.yml:

      type: approval

The behavior you described in your email where the checks wait until there is an approval in CircleCI is expected. You can remove the approval step to get back to the old behavior you described if you’d like. See Using Workflows to Orchestrate Jobs - CircleCI for details on approval jobs.

@sebastian-lerner thanks, sure i can remove the “approval”, for “test” workflow, yes we need to run it when code change, but in this case we don’t want to build it every time, for it’s a base image, can we just skip that workflow checks which associated with “build” in Github. or is there some way to make it?