Notification email repeatedly reset



Just wanted to report that I have two e-mail addresses associated with my circle account (work and personal), and the ‘Primary Email Address’ setting keeps changing on its own. Over the last couple of days it has changed from my work to personal email twice. I change it back but after awhile it reverts again.


We are aware of this bug :frowning: … it should be fixed. @KunalJain can you share the details?


We recently updated our email notifications. You would now be able to select email notifications for each individual GitHub organization. Please navigate to the following link to update your notification settings.

Sorry for the confusion.



This appears to have happened to me twice. I received an email to my personal address on Thursday, and when I checked my settings, the email address had changed from my work address to my personal one. I put it back to my work address and emails started going there again.

This morning I received another email to my personal address, and, looking at my settings, the email address had reverted back again.

I’ve now disabled all CircleCI emails. Before I switch them back on, please could you assure me that this issue has been resolved and that the email address will not change of its own accord again?


This happened to me (again) just now :-/

If I can provide any useful information, just ask for it :slight_smile:


Thanks for letting us know @JavierCane it looks like there are still some lingering issues.

cc @KunalJain


This happened to me today after changing a week or so ago.


This keeps happening to me as well.


I am also affected by this, it’s getting somewhat irritating.


We have fixed the issue where user email addresses were getting switched on “Notification” under “Account Settings”. There was problem in our Github user information synch cron job for a period of 10 days where we overwrote the user’s preferences using Github’s default email. This was a result of unexpected interaction of two seemingly unrelated areas. We apologize for any inconvenience that it has caused.