Email notifications have stopped

I used to receive email notifications from CircleCI when a build that I had pushed to would fail, and when it was subsequently fixed.

Sometime in late January, the emails stopped. I hadn’t changed my settings, and I’ve gone back and checked to make sure that my notification preferences are indeed set to receive emails about builds that I’ve pushed.

Can someone help me get to the root of the issue? I found the emails very useful, so I’d really like to start receiving them again.


I appear to be seeing this issue as well. I just signed up for Circle CI with a new account, and e-mail notifications do not seem to be working for me either. They have worked in the past on my previous accounts just fine.

Today, I noticed my email notifications have started working again. This appears fixed for me.

Support got to the root of my issue with the emails. They said my email address had been added to their list of bounced addresses due multiple delivery failures. The emails resumed once they removed me from that list. Hope this helps anyone else who comes across this thread.