I only get "Failed" email notifications, never "Fixed" afterwards

In my user settings, under “Notification Settings” -> “Default Email Notifications”, I have the option “Send me a personalized email every time a build on a branch I’ve pushed to fails; also once they’re fixed” selected. However, I only get emails saying when a build has failed, never when it’s fixed again! (I’ve checked and it’s not because they’re in my spam filter.)

I assume this must be a bug, unless there’s some separate setting I haven’t found that controls these notifications. It would be great to get this problem sorted.

I also experience this behavior. It is one of the main disappointments I have about migrating from Travis CI to CircleCI. Here is the settings UI (to find it in the maze of CircleCI settings, you have to click your profile picture in the upper-right corner, then click “User Settings”):

Unfortunately, while I get emails about failed builds, I never get them about fixed builds:

[image redacted because somebody thought it would be fun to disallow me from posting more than one image, thanks]

I would greatly appreciate any workaround. It is a real pain to get see build failed emails in my inbox, and then check on the build only to see that it was already fixed and there is nothing to do.

I am having this same issue today. Checked my email and the last Build Fixed email I received was on 8/29/19.

I too have that setting selected in my user profile.