Is it possible to get one email per failed build, instead of one per job?

Because it looks very weird when after pushing a bad commit you get spammed by 16 emails about 16 failed jobs, instead of 1 email about “Build fails after your last commit”. Travis and Appveyor do this, and this guy is right.

It’s a good feature request. Make sure it’s in the ideas pot, but could you build it with the API in the meantime? I would guess the meta-data you need is available, and you could run a check every 10 mins to see if new notifications need to go out.

I believe I could tinker with API, find out what it is and how it works, and get notifications done (probably with some lag if said API doesn’t provide some hooks for workflow end). But it is rather strange to me that nobody thought “hmmm, users might not like getting tons of emails when lots of their jobs fail”. Will reapply this to the Pot.

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They’ve probably thought it a few times :smile: but getting stuff from ideation to implementation in a start-up is pretty hard. It’s not just “let’s hack on this and get it out there” since CI, of all things, needs a lot of rigorous testing before it can be deployed.

In fact, it’d be cool if you could create a (probably separate) CircleCI build that calls the API and then sends an email itself. This can contain a CircleCI scheduler to call it, and then all you need to do is figure out how to send email. I expect port 25 outbound is blocked, but you could call the MailChimp/Sendgrid HTTP API.

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