Email Notify on Incomplete Workflow

I have a workflow which contains a bunch of “approval” steps some of which we oftentimes do not run. In that configuration, when a job fails no email is ever sent. What can I do to cause an email notification to be sent when a single job fails or succeeds?


Had you checked the references at Using Notifications - CircleCI ? I’m not sure if your indication is that you already use these e-mail notifications, but they just aren’t working with a specific edge case? Theoretically, if a job fails in a workflow, that means the build fails, which should trigger an e-mail (depending on your settings). But if you aren’t subscribed to that project (following it), or if you set it to only be interested in branches you push to (and instead a colleague is the one who pushed), you might not see it. The customizations can be done on an entire org/user, or per project, so is it possible you’ve turned it off for the org, but maybe want it on for one project or the other?

Not sure if that helps or not!

Hello - Yes, I’ve checked out that page. The workflow is not failing when a single job fails it is being left in “on hold” because we have some steps which we do not execute unless approved.