Email notifications for parallel jobs

When a job running parallel to others taking a short time fails, it successfully notifies as failed. However, those that are still running continue but the email notification says [fixed]. The remaining jobs in the workflow beyond the parallel jobs definitely do not run.

What do you believe the email should say for the successful parallel job?

On a team where am a DevOps engineer, I have got the complaint about notifications. If the first job failed, how was it fixed without another commit to fix it. So, in my view, the user should either not be notified any further (after receiving [failed] job email). Or the next notification sent should not be tied to the failed job as fixed since the build will not continue to run after the last job. Users get mixed signals from this. Preferably the notification should make it clear the workflow will terminate after the last job in the parallel jobs group.

I am assuming you are experiencing a bug where the successful job is regarded as the “fix” for the failed one. I agree with you that this does not sound right :slightly_smiling_face:.