Email notification to particular group (having more than one email ids)


In the email notification page, I am able to see my email id to get notified when the build is fixed/failed/unstable. Can it possible that a particular group (multiple email ids) should be notified the build status. This feature is there in Jenkins. Can it be possible in CircleCi.

You can often do this with email accounts in the email account itself. For example, do you use GMail? It seems possible to do it there:

You can do it on Outlook mail servers too - just create an group with its own email alias.

Thanks for reply.
It should be like how Jenkins sends the email notification to the group as we just need to mention the group.
And why auto-forwarding if we can send the notification to the group.

I doubt this would be an implementation priority, given that there is such an easy alternative.

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