Add Multiple Email Address to Send Notification

When my project is completed, I need to send a notification to the email address.
But the Notification ( Setting → Notification ) of CircleCI can only choose the default email of Github.
Except for the third-party mailbox service, are there any suggestions?

(1) I have set the full re-authentication of CircleCI.
(2) I have verified the email address in the Github project and refreshed the permissions in the Notification of CircleCI.
(3) There is still no way to choose another email.

Please help, thanks.

Hi @EvanHsu,

Welcome to the CircleCI Community forum!

Could you please let me know if you are able to see the email on the notification settings page?

Also, please provide your GitHub ID. If you are not comfortable sharing your GitHub ID here, please open a Support ticket and let me know.

Pawan Bahuguna

Hi @Pawan Thanks for your help!

In the morning, I refreshed the notification permission of circleci, and I can already select the new email address.
But I cannot select multiple email. Can I set the result report to be sent to multiple email address?


Sorry, but you cannot select multiple emails. That feature is not available.

I will request you to open a feature request on our portal. If a request gets enough votes it will be taken into consideration by our Product team for future implementation into CircleCI.

Pawan Bahuguna