CircleCI emails are not updated from github—still

I’ve tried all options from this closed thread:

Nothing works and CircleCI simply will not pull my latest GitHub data (emails). This is frustrating because now I have work related notifications from CircleCI sending to my personal email address…

I’ve uploaded a screenshot of the response when trying to manually refresh data.

Any insight here would be much appreciated, thanks.

Hi @kitajchuk ,

Sorry to hear you are running into this issue.

I have removed the user identity attached to your account . Could you try following the steps outlined in the following article? This should force an update to the email addresses we have available for notifications to be sent to.

If you have more specific questions regarding your account, or would like to discuss this issue in private, please feel free to send in a support ticket, and include a link to this post.

Best Regards

@aaronclark Thanks, this worked—CircleCI pulled in all my new information after you removed my user identity and I re-authenticated with GitHub. I was able to update my work Organization to use my work email for notifications from CircleCI.

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Glad to hear it is working now!