Former employee still getting notifications

Is there any way to remove a former employee from CircleCI? They’ve been removed from GitHub, however are still getting notifications. This is obviously less than ideal.

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CircleCI permissions currently mirror the VCS-P’s permissions. Shortly after you remove a user from a Github org, they should no longer have access.

In the past, the most common root causes have been
1 - not actually removing the user’s access to a specific repo on github OR
2- realizing that the only notifications being sent relate to an open-source repos (which technically any CircleCI user can follow)

Do you think either of those could help solve your problem?

Thanks for the response.

1/ He has been removed, I’m positive (almost a week ago)
2/ They are closed-source repos

He is still listed as “following” it, and is getting notifications. Is there any way to give you the actual names and repos, and show you?

Yes! @gkoberger Sorry for the late reply, i didn’t see a ping.
You can email and mention my name - Rishi. I’ll look into it further.

For what it’s worth, while I missed your reply - I did research the issue and it does seem that list does not accurately reflect current permissions (it checks from a potentially stale source). I’m getting that fixed.
That being said, if the repo is not open-sourced - that user should not be getting notifications.

Happy to escalate this.

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@rishimkumar I’m seeing this problem. I have a private repository that someone was removed from but is still receiving Circle project emails. Not great for obvious reasons.

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