CircleCI emails are not updated from github

I want to get notifications to my organization email (updated on github) but the only email address that is available to me is my personal.

Couldn’t find a place to add additional email to choose from in the dropdown list.

:wave: Your account may need a manual sync from GitHub to get the latest information.

Once the email address has been added (and verified) on the GitHub email settings page, please try hitting the “refresh permissions” button on the account page at the link below

I am having this same issue, but “refresh permissions” isn’t helping - I still only see single email address option under the CircleCI notification settings.

I have turned all CircleCI email notifications off as I don’t want to receive them in my personal email, but would like to receive (some of) them in my work email.

Anything else I could try to make my work email visible under CircleCI? It is visible and verified under Github / Account Settings / Emails.

Hi @mikkot. Welcome to the CircleCI Discuss community!

Could you confirm if your work email is verified in GitHub?

Also, do you see any errors in your browser console when you’re on the CircleCI notifications page?

I confirmed that the email is verified. It is lacking the “Unverified” label and there is no option to resend the verification email.

I do not see any errors in the console on notifications page or on the page where you can refresh permissions.

Some observations:

  • The payload for refresh permissions comes back empty
  • The payload for only shows single email under all_emails which is my personal email. Under organization_prefs/github I see two organizations, one for my Github handle and one for my work organization. Both have {email: null} under them
  • On, under “Custom routing”, I have mapped the notifications from my work organization to the secondary (work) email address I have added on and verified

Thanks for the additional info, @mikkot.

Could you try a full re-authentication?

Also, can you confirm which browser+version you’re using?

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Hey - it worked! Thanks @yannCI

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Was using latest Chrome on Big Sur

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