Monthly CircleCI Images Update: July 2020

Hey Everyone,

This month’s update is a big one so I’ll summarize here and break things out into their own posts.

  1. Requesting new Convenience Images. We noticed that every once in awhile someone would request a new image to be added to our fleet. We now have an official process for doing so. To request a new CircleCI Convenience Image, please visit CircleCI Ideas, choose the “images” category, and explain why you think this new image should be created. After creating your idea, I suggest sharing it on forums, social media, and anywhere else where you think you can find people to upvote it.
  2. Java 11 in the Android image. I mentioned this last month. The only change is the target date has moved from August 1st to the 17th. For more information and to discuss, please see this post.
  3. Ubuntu 20.04 is now available in the base image (cimg/base). There’s a lot of information on how this does and doesn’t affect users of the base image and language images. Please read this post to read the details on this change and to discuss.
  4. The Ubuntu 16.04 image available in the machine executor has been updated. We will also be delivering scheduled updates now for this image, once a quarter. More information on this can be found in this post.


Ricardo N Feliciano (FelicianoTech)
Community & Partner Engineering Team

June’s Changes:


  • Base (cimg/base) - Docker Compose v1.26.0. (ref)
  • Base (cimg/base) - Docker v19.03.12. (ref)
  • Base (cimg/base) - Docker Compose v1.26.1. (ref)
  • Go (cimg/go) - Publish Go v1.13.12 and v1.14.4. (ref)
  • Go (cimg/go) - GoTestSum v0.5.1. (ref)
  • Node.js (cimg/node) - Publish Node.js v10.21.0, v12.18.0, and v14.4.0. (ref)
  • Node.js (cimg/node) - Publish Node.js v12.18.1. (ref)
  • Node.js (cimg/node) - Publish Node.js v12.18.2 and v14.5.0. (ref)
  • Rust (cimg/rust) - Publish Rust v1.44.0. (ref)
  • Rust (cimg/rust) - Publish Rust v1.44.1. (ref)


  • Base (cimg/base) - Include support for Ubuntu 20.04. (ref)

If you have any questions, please let us know here.

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