Docker Convenience Image Updates: May 2020

Hey Everyone,

We missed last month’s update so this one will cover March in addition to April. I hope everyone is able to social distance safely and continue to build great things.

Most of the updates this time around are fairly regular maintenance items however there are two items I’m excited to share:

  1. The next-gen OpenJDK and Node.js images (cimg/openjdk and cimg/node respectively) are now considered GA/stable. This means these images are now fully supported by CircleCI and safe to use for production. We have more coming very soon so stay tuned here on CircleCI Discuss as well as the CircleCI Blog.
  2. Node variants are here for some next-gen images. As a refresher, Node variants are special versions of an image, such as cimg/go:1.14, that also include a full LTS release of Node.js with npm and yarn. For our current example, the Node variant version would be cimg/go:1.14-node. The next-gen Go, OpenJDK, Python, and Rust images now have a Node variant with more getting them in these next few weeks.

Enjoy May as best you can,


March & April’s Changes:


  • Android - build-tools-28.0.0 temporarily removed. Google’s download mirror is not serving the file up in a stable manner. Later build tool versions are still available. (ref)
  • Go (cimg/go) - -node variant now available. (ref)
  • Node.js (cimg/node) - The next-gen Node.js Convenience Image is now considered GA/stable.
  • OpenJDK (cimg/openjdk) - The next-gen OpenJDK Convenience Image is now considered GA/stable.


  • base - Update Docker to v19.03.7. (ref)
  • base - Update Docker to v19.03.8. (ref)
  • base - Update Docker Compose to v1.25.5. (ref)
  • Android - build-tools-29.0.3 included. (ref)
  • Go (cimg/go) - Release Go v1.13.9. (ref)
  • Go (cimg/go) - Release Go v1.14.1. (ref)
  • Go (cimg/go) - Release Go v1.13.10. (ref)
  • Go (cimg/go) - Release Go v1.14.2. (ref)
  • Go (cimg/go) - Update GoTestSum to v0.4.2. (ref)
  • Go legacy (circleci/go) - Update GoTestSum to v0.4.2. (ref)

If you have any questions, please let us know here.