Monthly Convenience Images Update: June 2020

Hey Everyone,

I hope everyone had a good month, or at least as best they can.
I have several things to highlight this month though I’ll only preview what we’ll discuss next month, which will be some exciting image changes.

  1. Java 11 in the Android image! We’re aiming to pre-install Java 11 (instead of 8) in the legacy Android image (circleci/android) starting August 1st. We’ll have test builds available starting in July. Inquire below for how to use those.
  2. As of the June snapshot, the Base Docker Convenience Image (cimg/base) now includes nano and vim. This makes it easier for users who take advantage of SSH builds to have a couple of terminal text editors pre-installed. This should speed up debugging. This will land in new releases of language images from June on.
  3. The next-gen Ruby and Rust images (cimg/ruby (link) and cimg/rust (link) respectively) are now considered GA/stable. This means these images are now fully supported by CircleCI and safe to use for production. We have more coming very soon so stay tuned here on CircleCI Discuss as well as the CircleCI Blog.
  4. Docker v19.03.9 was skipped in the Docker images due to an upstream regression.
  5. Next month we’ll start the conversion of Ubuntu 20.04 availability in the Docker images.
  6. July 2020 will be the next release of the Linux machine image. During the beginning of July we’ll publish an updated Ubuntu 16.04 image, update the pre-installed tools and languages, and update remote Docker as well.

Enjoy the rest of the month!


Ricardo N Feliciano (FelicianoTech)
Community & Partner Engineering Team

May’s Changes:


  • Legacy Docker Images - The Docker version will no longer be auto-updating. We manually set the release versions. (ref)


  • Base (cimg/base) - Docker v19.03.10. (ref)
  • Base (cimg/base) - Docker v19.03.11. (ref)
  • Go (cimg/go) - Publish Go v1.13.11 and v1.14.3. (ref)
  • Node.js (cimg/node) - Publish Node.js v14.2.0. (ref)
  • Node.js (cimg/node) - Publish Node.js v14.3.0. (ref)
  • Node.js (cimg/node) - Publish Node.js v12.17.0. (ref)
  • Legacy Docker Images - Docker v19.03.11. (ref)


  • Base (cimg/base) - include development libraries for PostgreSQL and MariaDB/MySQL. (ref)
  • Base (cimg/base) - include the tzdata package. (ref)
  • Base (cimg/base) - include nano and vim packages. (ref)

If you have any questions, please let us know here.