Migrating From Container Paid Plans to a Usage Based Plan


As part of the container plan sunsetting, customers will need to migrate from CircleCI’s container plan to a usage-based paid plan and in certain cases migrate to a free plan. The directions below highlight the various steps that customers can take in order to migrate to a usage-based plan.

Table of Contents

Container Paid Plan to a Usage-Based Performance Plan

Step 1: Navigate to the Plan overview page.

  • Important: Under the billing card, please check that the credit card details are correct and not expired.
    • Credit card companies allow for continued subscription charges to be made to an active credit card with an out-of-date expiration, so it is still possible to have an expired credit card. If a customer attempts to upgrade with an expired credit card, the upgrade will fail and require a valid credit card to process successfully.

Step 2: Click “Upgrade to the Performance Plan” from the top section of the plan overview page.

Step 3: Proceed through the checkout process.

Important Note for GitHub Marketplace

Customers using GitHub Marketplace (GHM) will need to take the additional step of canceling their container paid plan through GHM once the upgrade is complete. If taking action after September 22, 2022, please follow the steps above. To do this please follow the directions below:


Container Paid Plan to a Usage-Based Free Plan

Step 1: Navigate to the Plan overview page.

Step 2: Under the Plan card, click the 3-dot menu to the right of the plan details, and select “Cancel.”

This action will downgrade your customer account to a free plan.

Important: GitHub Marketplace customers will need to take the additional step of canceling their container plan through GHM once the cancellation is complete. Please see the steps in the previous section for how to cancel the GHM subscription.

Container Free Plan to a Usage-Based Freemium Plan

Free container plan customers will migrate to a free usage plan using the following steps mentioned above in the Container Paid Plan to a Usage-Based Free Plan outline. GHM free plans need to cancel through the GitHub Marketplace UI as stated above under the Container Paid Plan to a Usage-Based Performance Plan section.

Container Free Plan to a Performance Plan (Upgrade)

There are two options for customers looking to upgrade their plan detailed below.

Important: In order to make changes to your account’s plan, you need to be an admin of your VCS organization. Find this out by referencing your team members and their status at the organization level in your team’s VCS, additionally, here is a helpful support article “Am I an Org Admin” .

Option 1: Migrate directly from a free container to a performance plan.

  • Add your credit card details by going to “Manage” and following through the steps to completion.

  • On the plan overview page go to “Upgrade to the performance plan” and follow the upgrade path through (see above image)

Option 2: Migrate to a free usage plan by canceling your free container plan then sign up for a performance plan.

Thanks for the steps @temi3 !

Wanted to check if the current Paid plans would automatically be migrated to the Usage-Based Performance Plan as per previous messaging on the Plan dashboard in CircleCI, if no action is taken from the account holder’s side?

Or whether it requires explicit action from the account owners to do the migration.

If there is no automatic rollover, is there a timeline by which this migration has to be done by the account holders? And what would be a consequence of not doing that in time?


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@vijaytholpadi Yes current paid plans are being migrated to a usage based plan if non action is taken by account holder. For some specific customers, we may require them to upgrade their account from a freemium plan to a performance plan or add correct credit card details to their account, in such cases, we will be reaching out to this customers with specific instructions on what to do.

@temi3 noted. Thank you!