Disconnect GitHub marketplace free plan and revert to existing paid plan?



My employer recently purchased a paid plan for CircleCI, which has worked well for the last couple of months (we’ve been charged $50/month, and were able to exceed the 25-hour limit of the free plan).

However, we now seem to have been reset to a Free Plan via GitHub Marketplace. If I look in https://circleci.com/gh/organizations/\<my employer\>/settings, it says “Current plan managed on Github Marketplace”, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to change the plan.

The Github Marketplace link will let me select a different plan, but the options there are all more expensive than the corresponding CircleCI plans. (E.g. two containers is $69/month via GitHub, but only $50/month via CircleCI.)

How can we go back to the paid plan we previously had?

(I know this is similar to How can I remove the plan in Github, we had a paid plan with circle, but recently it says we are on the free plan in github, but I can’t post in that thread because it’s closed.)


Hi @isikyus, we are addressing this in a support ticket, so will update you there.

For anyone else who may be experiencing this issue, please contact Support and we can help you out!

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