Paid plan disappears after repository migration


I recently paid for a premium plan, and the plan worked for a few days.
But then we moved all our projects to a new organisation on bitbucket, and since then the circleci plan moved back to free. This is very embarrassing as now all dev moved to circleCI and the pipeline is extremely slow and it will soon run out of free minutes, although I paid for premium.

Here is how we did the migration:
We had an organisation on bitbucket say “org1”, which we paid the premium plan for. We renamed this organisation to “org2”, and created a new “org1” organisation linked to another person account.

We moved all the repositories from “org2” to the new “org1” organisation.

Since then all organisations (org1, org2) have been on the free plan and we basically stuck with a very slow pipeline that breaks our dev process.

In hopes I just missed something really obvious :smiley:

PS: I checked every organisation in the CircleCI interface, all are on free plan and I am not able to transfer any paid plan to the new org, it’s just all gone.

Hey there! I’m very much hoping you’ve already resolved this, but if not (or if someone else has this problem in the future), please do submit a ticket and we’ll be happy to make sure everything gets resolved.

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