Legacy job view and SSH build cancel

I have one suggestion and one issue:

Suggestion: make the “Legacy Jobs View” easily accessible. I don’t want to have to remember how to manually change the url to reach some “hidden” page just so I can view the SSH connection info. Having to know some weird workaround to continue to use a necessary feature is annoying.

Issue: I see no way to cancel a “Rebuild with SSH” job. This means I have to wait 10 minutes after closing my ssh connection for the container to be freed up for other builds. Please add the ability to cancel a build from the “Legacy Jobs View”.

EDIT: I now see that there is another workaround for cancelling SSH builds:

I would therefor like to make the same request: make these pages and the ability to cancel easily accessible. A UI redesign should improve the experience, not make it more convoluted.


Hi @MrMMorris! Thank you for sharing your experience with the new UI and the Legacy Jobs View. This is a known limitation and ask that you utilize the Legacy Jobs View as well as the API to view and cancel actively running SSH jobs, which are noted in the Support Article you shared.

Additionally, I highly encourage you submit this feedback as a feature request on our Ideas Board for our PM’s to review. Providing your specific use-case and the suggestions you mentioned in your post will be helpful as we add features to the roadmap.

Thanks again, we appreciate the feedback!

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