"Rerun with ssh" is grayed out


I’m trying to debug why my job is failing and I would like to access the container through ssh. However, the “Rerun with ssh” option is grayed out in my job.

Is there some limit given the free account that I am not aware of? Should I enable some option I cannot find? Thank you in advance.

Hi there, and thanks for flagging.
Just to confirm - have you been able to SSH to jobs in that particular project/organization in the past?

If you haven’t, I’m assuming you are using the new GitLab or GitHub app integration for this project. For those project the SSH rerun feature isn’t available yet, and the button has recently been greyed out to avoid it.

Easiest way to check whether you are using the new GitHub app integration is to check the job URL. If it looks like this:
Then you’re on GitHub app and the SSH debug button will be greyed out. This is expected behaviour and temporary until we implement the feature on GitHub app.

If the URL looks like this:
https://app.circleci.com/pipelines/github/{ORG_NAME}/... - then you are using the old OAuth integration for this organization. In that case SSH debug should be enabled.

More info about the different means to authenticate, and what’s currently available and what’s not supported: GitHub App integration overview - CircleCI

Now - I noticed that on hover the tool tip that shows up currently implies that there migth be a permissions/access issue related to triggering - that’s not the case. I have notified the product team.

Hope this helps!

Yes, it is actually this. I wasn’t able to find it in the documentation. Thank you!

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