New UI experience has an issue with canceled jobs

I canceled a job but new UI shows the job still runs indefinitely. Please find the screen shot attached. Old UI shows that the job got canceled properly.

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This is happening to me too. It goes away after some time but ti’s very annoying.

Also, I want to put in a plug that you should be able to cancel a job from the list of jobs. Having to click into the job to cancel it is dumb. Oh! I found the idea. It’s here:

Hi @rsshilli @koteswara-kelam, thanks for writing in!

To confirm, you clicked “cancel” on job and it did NOT cancel? Or it did cancel but it took some time for the UI to updated?

Can either of you share a link to the job or workflow where this occurred?

Well, it’s been a while and I think the previous problem has been fixed, but there’s still something wrong here. It seems in the new UI we have to cancel both the workflow and the job? When there’s only one job in a workflow, it would be nice to not have to do both.

Also, see the image below. We had something weird going on where only 1 build (of 2) was running so we cancelled all of the builds. Then a new one wouldn’t start (red arrow).

In general, I’d love to cancel the whole thing by having an option under the … where the green arrow is pointing. I never want to cancel just a piece of something - that’s very confusing about what will happen next. I want to call it quits on that entire thing and try again / submit a new check-in.

Hey @rsshilli,

Thanks for the feedback.

That’s definitely not the case. If there is only one job in a workflow, cancelling it should cancel everything. Perhaps the UI didn’t update quickly enough? Can you link me to where this occurred?

We definitely want to add the rerun/cancel buttons to the pipeline page. It’s been on the backlog for a bit but other bigger fixes keep coming up.

As for this issue:

It looks like the workflow is queued. This is due to an incident we’re experiencing today at CircleCI resulting in increased queue times. You can check on the status of when it’s cleared here:

Thanks again!

Kate Catlin
Senior Product Manager, CircleCI