Bring Back the "Cancel Job" single click and a "Cancel Workflow" link in the job view

When I need to cancel a job, it’s often important that I can do it quickly and most of the time I want to cancel the whole workflow anyway.

In the old build UI (OBU), the job had a “Cancel job” link next to the action drop down. If I was watching a job and saw something bad, I could cancel it with a single click.

In the new build UI (NBU), I have to click the drop down then click “Cancel job” to cancel it (two clicks). This could be the difference between something bad fully taking effect and not.


  1. Please add this link back to the UI. This is very important for emergency situations where an extra click can be bad.

  2. Please add “Cancel Workflow” to the dropdown list in the job view so I don’t have to exit the job and go to the workflow before I cancel the full workflow. Most of the time I want to cancel, I’m watching a job’s log and I see something that isn’t right. In that case, I want to cancel the whole workflow anyway and now I have to leave the whole screen before I can. Maybe even a way to cancel the job and workflow that floats with the job’s log. that would be super helpful.

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