BUG: latest build url always goes to an older failing job?

I have a failing job that got triggered 12h ago that failed… and ever since then, for every single new build, the url redirects to that old job, such that I can no longer see the details of the correct job.

e.g. https://app.circleci.com/pipelines/github///433/workflows//jobs/386. That last number, 386 has not changed.

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Good grief, even when falling back to the old UI, this same thing happens!! The job colour is green, but it redirects you to the older failed job!

I’m seeing something similar. Clicking through to jobs from a workflow ends up at jobs from earlier builds, not even the same job. It doesn’t happen reliably, and it doesn’t seem to be related to whether the job succeeded or failed, but once a link is wrong, it stays wrong. It will consistently link to the same, wrong, job.
Rebuilding a job with SSH seems to trigger this every time, but I’ve just had it happen with a workflow triggered directly from a GitHub change.

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thanks, @andyduncanitv. That’s my experience as well. Specifically, if a job gets linked wrongly, it’ll stay that way. I haven’t had any issues with rerunning with SSH, though. If I see it, I’ll report back here.

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This is likely related to an issue we had this week: https://status.circleci.com/incidents/qbzrj3vjm873

Due to the nature of the issue it was not possible for us to apply a universally safe correction to the corrupted data, please contact support if you need things corrected.

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Hi @glenjamin.circleci
Yes, that does sound like what I was seeing. Thanks for the update.

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