Certain jobs within workflow hang forever with no explanation -- just for me

This started happening a few days ago. Whenever I pushed a commit, Circle will run two of the jobs in the pipeline, while leaving the remaining three spinning forever. There’s no message or information that I can see anywhere explaining what the block is; they’re just in a blocked state. Normally this is all that happens, it will spin forever until the pipeline is canceled. However, once or twice I have seen the job actually fail eventually with a big ole Unauthorized logo showing up – but again, no further information.

This only happens for me and not my team members. None of my colleagues have been able to find out what the difference is between my account and theirs that could lead to this difference. We’re all part of the same team/org on github and circle, etc.

Happy to provide further details; I don’t see a way to upload screenshots here or else I would.

Hi @adnelson! Welcome to the CircleCI community!

I suspect the jobs that remain in a blocked state (and sometimes fail as Unauthorized) are part of workflows using restricted contexts.

To confirm whether or not the user who triggered the build has access to the restricted context specified in the workflow, we query the GitHub API on the user’s behalf to check if they are a member of the related security group.

The user’s OAuth token we authenticate this API request with can become outdated/invalid causing the GitHub API to reject the request.

To solve this issue, I suggest performing a full re-authentication.

You can also find more information on builds “Unauthorized” due to contexts in this Support article.

Let me know if this helps.

Thanks for responding @yannCI!

We are using restricted contexts. However we only have one group on github, of which I am a member, the same as all other team members. In addition, the context is listed as accessible to “All Members”.

I went through the reauthentication steps and so far it appears that the issue remains unchanged.

Hi @adnelson,

I’m sorry you’re still having this issue despite performing a full re-authentication.

As I’ll need to look further into this, could you please open a Support ticket so you can share your account details privately?

Please include a reference to this CircleCI Discuss thread, as well as a link to a build illustrating the issue.