Workflow status gets stuck as 'running' even when all jobs are finished

The job’s status is displayed as ‘running’ on the workflow’s detail page, but it appears as ‘failed’ or ‘success’ when checking the status on the job’s details page. Consequently, the workflow status remains stuck on ‘running,’ even after all jobs have been finished

The issue started happening on August 23, 2023 for one of our projects only

Workflow IDs for troubleshooting:

  • e4d21b06-fbee-45ff-a242-70cafda40879
  • 23ea2f7f-67b5-45e9-8fd0-cf683645f077

Hi @qnooub,

I have canceled the workflows on our end, and they are now showing as canceled in the UI.

This can happen when CircleCI loses a connection to the machine itself, or is experiencing an incident.

If you are consistently seeing this issue, I would ask that you open a support ticket below and we can take a deeper look:

Thank you!