Job doesn't show finishes after done

I have a workflow made up of roughly 3 jobs. I see one or more of the jobs occasionally finish but circleci seems to miss that. The counter keeps running. Sometimes a refresh of the page will cause the right state to show. Other times it seems to just go for a while. I think one pattern I’ve seen is that jobs that finish fast (quick failure) trigger this behavior. But other times it doesn’t seem to be that. The workflow UI does seem flaky at moments. I’ve seen jobs start at 59:57 and count up 60 and wrap back to 0. Refresh usu. fixes these type of display issues. Are these know issues? If so where can I track their resolution.

Thank you for raising this. Are you following the project where you are noticing this issue?

I am not certain what “following” means. I was on the workflow page watching it execute.