Is there any ways to use self-hosted nodes in Cypress orb?

Hi guys,
I just learn about the cypress orb to be used on my automation. However, when I tried to use our self-hosted it seems not recognize the parameter. Is there any ways to integrate with our self-hosted nodes to be used in Cypress orb?

any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys!

The Cypress orb is provided by the Cypress team so to get the best support it would be worth posting a message to the Orbs’ github page

Issues · cypress-io/circleci-orb · GitHub

Looking at the Orb docs all the expectations are that environment is defined via a docker-based executor, the problem is that a self-hosted environment uses a machine-based executor. This means that the cypress team would most likely have to do some work on the Orb and provide details regarding what they expect from the docker environment on the runner.

Thanks for the reply and the explanation :grin:. In the meantime I guess there is nothing I can’t do except waiting for Cypress team to clear that up. Btw, my apologies for posting on the wrong section. Thank you

As you are working with CircleCI these forums are the best place to start with an issue even if you are then given another site to visit. Someone internal or external to CircleCI may have an idea or workaround due to their working knowledge of Cypress.

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