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Sorry for this question, but am really new to CircleCi. I managed to run a self hosted runner but now I want to make builds (maven, npm, …etc) would I need to add all the needed tools in the runner or is there a way to call “Orbs” or any docker executor ?

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Yes, your runner needs all the tools installed locally as the CircleCI agent just executes commands within the OS instance that you have defined. The best way to define self-hosted runners seems to be as VMs so that you can easily reset them to their basic configuration. Using VMs also makes it easier to define runners that are dedicated to certain tasks as you can let the VM platform deal with resource allocation.

You can also operate a runner from within a docker container, but that then means you have to deal with the limitations of the container environment and does not provide you with a local version of a docker executor, just a machine type running within docker.

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