Snyk and circleci self hosted runner

Hi We are trying to build an docker image and this is a simple angular application. I have couple of issues here:

We are trying to use circleci self hosted machine runners (linux) as an executive environment. But the build of the docker image is not completing, getting stuck at ‘Generating browser application bundles (phase: setup)…’

Does the machine runner not support a docker image build ? Do we need to use Container runners?

The second issue we have is, we are trying to use SNYK tool to scan the dependencies in the machine runner executive environment. Do these self hosted runners integrate with snyk. I am using snyk latest orb as well.

I am getting error of ‘not authenticated’ even though I add the Snyk API token to the context.

Because, the same code I was able to scan with Snyk in the DOCKER executive environment using circleci CI, by using snyk scan command and orb.

Hope this issue is resolved quickly. Thanks

I can answer the first part of your question. It is possible to build docker containers on a self-hosted runner as all a self-hosted runner is, is a machine running the circleci agent that you have created. So you should be able to use circleci to execute any process that you can execute by hand on the runner.

I can not comment on Snyk as I do not run it locally.