Docker Authenticated Pulls in self-hosted runner

We have been using Docker Authenticated Pulls to pull from our private registry and they work all OK.
Now we are trying to use a self-hosted runner and it seems that the auth configuration is ignored there.
Is there any documentation that shows how to use “Docker Authenticated Pulls” in a self-hosted runner? Are environment variables defined on CircleCI available in the self hosted runner?

Can you post your config.yml as it is not clear how you are trying to combine a self-hosted runner with a Docker Authenticated Pull image?

The docs for self-hosted runners are here

I think for what you are trying to do the following text provides an answer

Exclusively running jobs in this manner sacrifices several benefits of a container-based solution that are afforded on CircleCI’s cloud platform when using the Docker executor:

    The ability to seamlessly use custom Docker images during job execution

Instead, you just log in and use Docker Hub via shell commands. If you look at the output of the “Preparing environment variables” step in your current failed build you should see that the environment variables are available.

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Thanks for the help.
It’s actually working smoothly after I’ve figured out a mistake in the configuration.