Is is possible to use an intel sgx capable machine to run a pipeline?

I have searched but couldn’t find anything related.

Currently we do have the need of having an intel sgx capable cpu to run our build pipeline and run a few tests, is it possible to use/configure that on circleci?

Or is it something that circleci cant really help with?
Thank you!

You may have to go down the route of a self-hosted runner to do this. The reason for this is CircleCI’s hosted options are all VMs or VM-based docker instances on AWS-based equipment. So the environments may/would limit your ability to access sgx features. At the same time CircleCI would have to deploy its environment to sgx enabled hardware which AWS may not even be offering.

A self-hosted runner is just that - you run the CircleCI client within an environment of your choice, just in the way that you would run any other tool/application.