Intellisense for CircleCI YAML in Visual Studio Code

Just found out that there’s now CircleCI config.yml “Intellisense” support in VSCode together with the extension “YAML Support by Red Hat”.

E.g, the config will be validated and red underline on errors (with explanation in hint):


… and (some) field explanations:


Couldn’t figure out yet where the code of this feature comes from, yet. Created an Github issue with an validation bug on their repository.


Wow, this is very cool!

Is this in the full Visual Studio too, or only in VS Code?

Plugins in VS Code are significantly different than “standard” Visual Studio. I suspect someone would need to write this integration in order to get it working on the latter.

Author of the schema here - the YAML language server can talk to any editor that speaks the Language Server Protocol. I think VS is working on that. The schema is open source on JSON schema store. if you do any PR there (usually merged within a day) you will directly get the improvements in your editor.