[Open Preview] The Official CircleCI VS Code Extension is live!

We are very excited to announce that the Official CircleCI VS Code Extension is now out and available for anyone to use!

The VS Code Extension includes two main sets of features:

  • The pipelines manager, which gives you tools to view and manage your CircleCI pipelines, workflows and jobs directly from inside VS Code

  • The config helper, which makes it easier to create, edit and optimize CircleCI YAML files within VS Code, without having to constantly refer to the Docs
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You can find more information and documentation on the VS Code Marketplace page, where you can also download the extension for free.

And let us know what you think about it - we are excited to hear your feedback!


This extension is really easy to use. No need to leave VS Code to see jobs or run them.

The UI is better than any extension I’ve seen.