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Official CircleCI VS Code extension

The official CircleCI VS Code extension is a new way to interact with CircleCI.

This extension provides an interface to visualise and manage CircleCI pipelines directly from your IDE, as well as providing contextual help when creating, modifying and editing CircleCI YAML config files. This way, it avoidings expensive context-switching between VS Code and your browser.

More practically, this extension allows you to:

  • Authenticate and connect VS Code to CircleCI
  • Browse and interact with your pipelines. Available actions include
    • Viewing pipelines, workflows, jobs statuses
    • Viewing test outputs
    • Downloading artifacts
    • Approving jobs
    • Re-running builds
  • Be alerted through notifications when your workflows change status or need your attention
  • Access in-file support when editing CircleCI YAML configuration files, including:
    • Syntax validation
    • Syntax highlighting
    • Go-to-definition and go-to-reference
    • On-hover documentation and usage hints
    • Autocompletion

You can find the extension on the marketplace here: CircleCI - Visual Studio Marketplace