First time install and use of CircleCI Extension in VSCode

I just added the CircleCI Extension to VSCode. Installation fine but when I look at Pipelines the view under the project success node says loading. I get an error indicating "cannot refresh pipelines: cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘data’). Granted my CircleCI.yml file is fairly old but has been working without issue. Is there a minimum standard I should be following if I now need to upgrade the yml file?

Sorry for the delay @garyjkuehn - I’ll get this over to the VSCode team, but I wanted to check to make sure that the extension is working for other projects? If not, then I would verify your CircleCI API key is added.

Hey @garyjkuehn, thanks for raising it.
This very likely has nothing to do with your CircleCI YAML file actually - we think the problem has a different origin.
We might need some additional info from you to be able to fix this - let me send you a private message!