"You don't have internet" after installation and login

Hi, I’m using VSCode 1.82.0 on MacOS Ventura 13.5.2 and just installed the CircleCI extension. I was able to log in to our private CircleCI Server with my API key. The login page shows “You are connected to CircleCI”, but under Pipelines in the left pane, I see “You don’t have internet” and nothing listed. If I go to the settings page, I see “No project selected”, and if I try to choose a Project, I see “Internet is unavailable” in the dropdown. There is a red underline in the Branches dropdown with a similar “Internet is unavailable” error message, and the “CircleCI” tooltip in the bottom bar is yellow with “No internet”. If I had no internet connection, I wouldn’t be writing this right now, and there’s no proxy server in the way. I do have to go through a VPN to get to the CircleCI server, but that should not matter. Any ideas?

hi @j_casalino , thanks for reporting.
Which version of vscode extension you are using ? it’s a known issue, but should be fixed in the 1.20.2 version of the extension.

@abdelDriowya 1.20.2 is what’s installed. :confused:

It seems that you are experiencing connectivity issues with the CircleCI extension in VSCode. There are a few troubleshooting steps you can try to resolve this problem:

  1. Confirm Network Connectivity: Ensure that you have a stable internet connection by visiting other websites or using other online services. Since you mentioned you are able to write this message, it indicates your internet connection is working. However, make sure your VPN connection is stable as well.
  2. Check Firewall and Proxy Settings: Verify that your firewall or proxy settings are not blocking the communication between VSCode and the CircleCI server. If you are using a VPN, check if it has any specific settings that might interfere with the extension’s connectivity.
  3. Disable VPN Temporarily: As a temporary test, try disabling your VPN and check if the CircleCI extension can establish a connection. If it works without the VPN, there may be specific settings within the VPN configuration that need adjustment to allow the extension’s traffic.
  4. Validate API Key Permissions: Double-check that the API key you used to log in to your private CircleCI server has the necessary permissions to access the required resources. Make sure the user associated with the API key has access to the projects and pipelines you are trying to view.
  5. Reinstall the Extension: If the above steps don’t resolve the issue, try uninstalling and reinstalling the CircleCI extension in VSCode. This can help ensure that any potential installation issues are resolved.
  6. Check Extension Compatibility: Confirm that the version of the CircleCI extension you have installed is compatible with your version of VSCode. You can check the extension’s documentation or release notes to ensure compatibility.

Please do let us know if any of the above helps or not really :slight_smile:


  1. I’m connected to the Internet just fine through fios.
  2. No firewall/proxy is required or causing internet connectivity issues
  3. VPN is required for me to access our CCI Server instance
  4. API Key is brand new and is associated with my username, which has access to the projects required
  5. Tried this already, no change
  6. Versions are the same as I mentioned above, both are latest.

I’m having a similar problem today using v1.20.2 in VSCode on Windows in a WSL 2 environment. When I first start VSCode, the extension works as normal and all of my pipelines appear as they always have. I can click the refresh button and they’re reloaded as expected. However, after about 25-30 seconds, I get a yellow “CircleCI: No Internet” warning in the VSCode status bar and the pipelines disappear from my CircleCI panel and are replaced with a “No don’t have internet” message.

If I restart VSCode or disable then reenable the extension, it works fine again for about 30 seconds before I get the no internet error again. I’ve had to downgrade back to v1.19.0 in order to make it stable again.

Oh that’s interesting! After disabling and re-enabling the extension I was able to get past the “No internet” issue and see my project list for about 30 seconds, but then it just kicked me back to the “no internet” message.

Hi all, just wanted to let you know that we are actively working on this and hope to be able to release a fix very soon.
I’ll post on here as soon as we do!

Benny - PM of the DevEx team

Hi @Benny , I just got v1.21.0 installed. Happy to report it’s working great for me now, so thanks to you and the team for the fix!

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Yes, I can also confirm that internet connection in v1.21.0 is also working for me too. Thank you for the fix!

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Brilliant to hear! Thank you all for your patience.
And if you see any more issues, please do give us a shout!