How to invite team members?

Upon the request of my team members I’ve created an account.
Now I need to allow them to use this account.
Tried to invite team menber function but I cannot find a way to add a team member.
What do I need to do to allow a team member to use the CircleCI account?

Create a GitHub or BitBucket organisation, and then make sure you and your team members are part of the same organisation. Finally, transfer your repo to the organisation.

How do I allow other people to a CircleCI account without Github organization?

I have a paid Github developer plan. So, I do not have a Github organization with team plan.

Thanks for your response!

I noticed a lot of people experiencing similar confusions for years. Not a good signal that they do see a reason in that not improve the CircleCI UX.

As far as I know, it requires an GitHub or BitBucket organisation. If it is not possible for you to use GitHub (e.g. because of costs) then create a BitBucket account. Organisations are free on that platform, up to a small number of users.

My advice, for what it is worth, is to keep your criticisms as positive-minded as you can - no-one is trying to trip you up deliberately. Bear in mind that the free tier on CircleCI is excellent already, and not all users will agree on what constitutes a good UX.

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