Adding team member needs to grant a lot of access


I want to add a team member, so he can see if his builds are successful, but he needs to create an account and grant a lot of access. He does not want to do that, can this be done by giving him some kind of read-only access to circle CI?


Sorry this is not currently possible but we’re working on a better set of permissions.

There are some sub-optimal ways of massaging GitHub if you both have admin to all of your orgs - one way that jumps out is, you can invite him to your Org on GitHub. When he signs up, it does a check against Org Settings so on GitHub, he can deny “third-party oauth access” to all of his other Orgs and that should limit what he gives.


Why not just create a custom dashboard on a web server, using build badges? This is yes/no rather than showing build output, but it’s a start.


yes, that is possible indeed, and I will need to check what went wrong for him then.

Well, I don’t know how to make such a dashboard (I’m an app developer, now a web dev :wink: ), but Bitbucket shows the status


It’s pretty easy, just create an HTML doc and put in badges in this format:

    alt="Build status badge"

The tokens can be created in the CircleCI interface. Just bear in mind tokens should be kept secret, so don’t put the dashboard on the public web, and always use read-only/status tokens.


(Aside, there have been reports of build badges not actually reflecting the correct status, so it’s worth breaking a build and fixing it, to ensure that all states are reflected correctly for your use-case).