Invite Team Member Dialog Unusable on Large Orgs



My organization in github has a couple of hundred members. When typing in the email address field there is a lag that takes a couple of seconds to show a key that was typed. Also lots of emails are defaulted to checked. I only need to invite one or two people.

Need some way to invite users by email address or github name.


That’s helpful thanks.

Mea culpa - the Teammates page doesn’t make a ton of sense and we don’t love the UI or UX associated.

At the moment (although we’re actively working on changing it) - our domain model is tied directly to your VCS-provider. So you don’t need to invite any given user, as long as they are a Member of your organization on GitHub, when they sign up on CircleCI, they’ll have access to everything. So if you want to invite someone, you really only need to ask them to sign up for CircleCI.

Sorry for the confusion and pardon our dust as we construct something better!