Improved experience to join existing organizations

As of June 6th 2024, we have made the following changes to how users can join an existing organization on CircleCI:

  • After creating an account, users will see a call to action to join an organization from their homepage

  • The ‘Find Your Team’/‘Join Organization’ dropdown provides users with three ways to join an organization - via an invite, via GitHub, and via Bitbucket

    • To join an existing CircleCI organization via an invite, users will need to reach out to their organization admin to request an invite - instructions for how admins can send invites can be found on our docs hub. Once the user receives their invitation, they can click the invitation link to login and join the organization
    • To join an existing CircleCI organization with a GitHub integration, users will be able to authorize GitHub access so that we can find the organizations they are eligible to join in CircleCI.
      • Note: If you do not see the organization you’d like to join listed after authorizing GitHub access, you will need to receive an invite to join from an organization admin.
    • To join an existing CircleCI organization with a Bitbucket integration, users can simply log in with their Bitbucket credentials. The user will then be added to all CircleCI organizations tied to their Bitbucket organization memberships.

Comment here with any feedback or issues that you run into!