Have installed circleci selfhosted machine windows runner on to a windows ON-Prem server. I configured the launch agent script with the token. I used this circleci runner into my job and tried the workflow but it hangs and never moves further

Have uploaded the snap from the launch agent script.

The following changes will simplify your config

  • If you are running the ON-Prem server the api.url line needs to be a valid URL. The docs are rather unclear about what it should be set to, so you may need to open a support ticket to see if the value should be the ON-Prem server or a value that follows the docs that only state “This is a fully qualified URL used by self-hosted runners to communicate with CircleCI”.

  • Having runner.mode set to ‘single-task’ means that the runner will execute a single job from the work queue and then stop. If you remove this line it will default to ‘continuous’ and so process jobs as they are added to the work queue.

Most customers who are running the ON-Prem server have access to a dedicated account team for support. It would be worth you tracking down the contract and finding the contact details as few people here will have experience of setting up ON-Prem.