Setting up self hosted runner

I am unable to setup the runner in my machine. I followed the installation guide, and ran the script for installation as instructed but after editing the configuration file for the launcher, it’s not being installed.

You are going to have to provide more detail about the steps you are performing as there are a number of different ways to install a Self-Hosted runner and a number of different OS targets.

There are also different docs covering the process, with the most up-to-date being the instructions provided on the web dashboard.

Hi so, I got my script for installation through this: runner-installation-files/windows-install at main · CircleCI-Public/runner-installation-files · GitHub
I downloaded the script and performed the following in powershell
Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Scope Process -Force; [System.Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = [System.Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol -bor 3072; ./Install-CircleCIRunner.ps1

It prompted me to provide a token, which I provided (resource class token) and, runner name and url, I followed the configuration refrence provided on the page of self hosted runners
I am although confused about the url it is asking for.

The error i was shown was
time=“2023-04-12T09:27:53Z” level=info msg=“CircleCI launcher starting” config=

time=“2023-04-12T09:27:53Z” level=info msg=“loaded config” name=runner1

time=“2023-04-12T09:27:53Z” level=info msg=“loaded env” proxy=

time=“2023-04-12T09:27:53Z” level=warning msg=“could not update launch-agent to new version: error checking agent for os="windows" arch="amd64": Get "/api/v2/launch-agent/download?arch=amd64&os=windows": unsupported protocol scheme ""”

time=“2023-04-12T09:27:53Z” level=error msg=“error running task” error=“unexpected error claiming task: Post "/api/v2/runner/claim": unsupported protocol scheme ""”

time=“2023-04-12T09:27:53Z” level=info msg=“claimed a task, exiting the poll loop”

time=“2023-04-12T09:27:53Z” level=error msg=“errors shutting down” error=“unexpected error claiming task: Post "/api/v2/runner/claim": unsupported protocol scheme ""”

time=“2023-04-12T09:27:53Z” level=info msg=“CircleCI launcher shut down”

I’ve not worked with the Windows-based agent, but I think the url should be blank as the docs talk about it being needed for “3.2 or later version of server” which is the in-house deployment of the circleci environment.

From the log you have provided, it seems that the script is getting past the part of first downloading a copy of the launcher, but the launcher then fails its upgrade process as the msgs seem to be generated by the launcher rather than the script. This may be resolved if the url is not set, but that is only a guess.