Cant build job using windows self hosted runner

Hi i try to build my application using self-hosted runners, but i have some issue on that,
this is my runner config file-
auth_token: “runner api token” # FIXME: Specify your runner token
# On server, set url to the hostname of your server installation. For example,
** # url: i cant include links in the topic
name: “thredd/poc-project” # FIXME: Specify the name of this runner instance
mode: single-task
task_agent_directory: C:\Program Files\CircleCI\Agents
working_directory: C:\Program Files\CircleCI\Workdir
cleanup_working_directory: true
file: C:\Program Files\CircleCI\circleci-runner.log

  • on sever what url i need to update?
  • runner name - what shoud i give?

i install the runner agent in my local machine using official circle ci document.