More info required when using Self-hosted runners

Currently, when a job fails due to an issue with the defined resource class the following message is shown

We cannot run this job using the selected resource class. Please check your configuration and try again.

It would be helpful if additional info could be included - such as the name of the resource_class



@rit1010 thanks for the suggestion, I was discussing this with the engineering team and wanted to get a little bit more information.

Are you seeing this error on the Job Details page in the CircleCI UI? Does the resource class show up in the table towards the top of the page under the “Executor” section? I’m seeing it on my screen when I run a job using self-hosted runners but I wanted to make sure it’s visible in the same spot that you’re seeing this error message.

As they say, a picture is worth a 1000 words

Yes my named runner is listed under Executor.

Also, it is harder to test, but I think whatever concurrency control process is in place to block/delay large numbers of jobs also kicked in as my 5 jobs did not all get queued up to the runner one after another, instead there was a very long wait between some of the jobs. The result was ~15mins of jobs taking ~25min - if this is a result of some incorrect code checks I think the issue could have a high impact on some people. (my CI cycle is currently daily not continuous so I am not badly hit).

If I just create 4 jobs within the workflow I do not see these issues and the jobs are flagged queued and execute one after another as I would expect.