Github rebuild hook gets broken after re-fork

How to reproduce:

  • fork a github project.
  • configure CircleCI for the forked project.
  • commit, see rebuild works on CircleCI.
  • delete the fork (from github “dangerzone” configuration)
    (e.g., because you put some commits there you don’t really want to push back to original repo, and you don’t like “rebase” to clean it up)
  • sometimes later, create the fork again.
  • Now, try to enable build-on-commit - but it doesn’t work. You actually see the old commits, from the deleted fork.
  • seems like CircleCI UI uses the forked repo “name”, but the re-build uses the fork repo ID
  • a workaround: rename the fork, and not you can re-setup it to work with circleci.

Expected behavior:

once deleting a fork, its old build log on CircleCI should be removed (or at least, moved aside), and not interfere with a new forked repo, using the same name (e.g, in circleCI it should show this fork as “name (deleted)”, so it won’t be confused with the new repo with that name.